About Us



     There is absolutely no way to describe this workout without inviting you to try it. Group and team training are not only cost effective but motivating as well. Although personal training and strength & conditioning is worth every penny, we realize this is not financially possible for everyone.
     This is precisely why we created our small group personal training sessions. This allows you to get the benefits of personal training at a more affordable price. We Cap each session at a maximum of five people which allows us to closely monitor each individual during the session and allows us to customize specific exercises and workouts for every ability, injury and preference.



Our training system makes us completely different from any of the training facilities you may have visited. Over the years we have worked hard to develop the components that take the guesswork out of reaching your goals and puts the science back in. We provide a complete training system combined with a highly qualified staff who will personally walk you through every step on the path toward achieving your goals. One size does not fit all. Just as we all require a specific shoe size, we all require a specific program.  Everyone has specific goals for their specific body. For customize results you need a customized program.  Train Maine fitness and performance provides this.



Train Maine Strength & Conditioning focuses on proactive & progressive health and performance for amateur and elite athletes. Whether it's your first time participating in organized sport or a professional or Olympic athlete - it all comes down to program design and bridging the gap between what the athlete wants to improve on and what the athlete needs. Train Maine program design offers efficient and effective strength & conditioning principals and fundamentals. These programs focus on building strength, power, speed, quickness and endurance specific to each sport and athlete while creating greater mobility and flexibility to decrease potential injury.  There's confidence in knowing that you are physically prepared. It's that mentality that is essential to gain a competitive edge and enjoy it very successful athletic career.